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Since 1986, Peter D. Bursik, President of Rainier Realty, Inc. and Tom Bursik have been appointed Receiver in State Circuit Courts in over 330 cases. This has included his appointment in the Circuit Courts of over 20 different Florida counties. Receiverships have been located throughout the State of Florida...extending from Panama City Beach to Ft. Myers on the Gulf Coast, from Ocala to Lakeland and Orlando in central Florida, and from Daytona Beach to Miami on the Atlantic Coast.

When a Circuit Court Judge appoints a Receiver, he must feel secure in the individual's judgement and integrity. Obviously, with our history and experience with over 330 Florida's Circuit Court system it speaks volumes about our knowledge and character.

Receiverships are by nature very stressful engagements. Employees and clients are unfamiliar with the Court system, and are used to the "old way" of doing business. In many instances, employees, clientele, vendors and the defendants have very close relationships and our skillful analysis of the situation is of high importance. Successful receiverships begin with trust and obtaining as much information as possible, and our personal and analytical skills come into play on a daily basis.

As Receiver, we have been responsible for the successful coordination and completion of a variety of complex problems. These include, but are not limited to, environmental issues, partnership disputes, operating deficits, completing major renovations and repairs, code compliance issues and overseeing the construction and sale of various single-family developments and condominiums. Obviously, the main focus of most of the receiverships has been residential real estate such as single family homes and condominiums and commercial real estate, such as apartment complexes, office and industrial buildings, hotels, retail centers, and RV and mobile home parks. However, our experience has also included liquidation of assets such as accounts receivable, industrial equipment and sale of business inventory. In many cases, as Receiver, we have operated on-going businesses such as marinas, restaurants, assisted living facilities, convenience stores, golf courses and gas stations. In these situations, maximizing the income from operations is a key ingredient in protecting and increasing the value of the asset.

With each receivership, problems and issues are specific to the location and nature of the business, as well as clientele and employees. In most situations, the Receiver is operating under the constraints of limited funds, deferred maintenance and dissatisfied employees and clientele. However, in each case, our commitment to integrity, experience and general business knowledge are prerequisites for success. Our vast experience has been invaluable in dealing with a variety of properties and on-going business entities. As Court Appointed Receiver, and in workout engagements, skillful assessment, rapid action and efficient management allow him to protect the asset and maintain or increase its value.

Mr. Pete Bursik has also been appointed Receiver in the United States District Court, Tampa, division, as well as being appointed as a Chapter 11 Trustee in the United States Bankruptcy Court.

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