Tenant representation is an area of expertise that Rainier Realty, Inc. and its principals have specialized in for over 30 years. When dealing with a Landlord's representative, that agent is working for the Landlord and their best interest. With Tenant Representation, Rainier works for the Tenant and is the Tenant's advocate... looking out for the Tenant's best interests throughout the lease negotiation process. In most cases, the Landlord pays Rainier; therefore, you receive expert representation at no cost to your firm.

Rainier Realty, Inc. would provide the following services under our Tenant Representation engagement:

Determine Location Parameters

A broad range of questions and answers will identify each feature that is vital to you and the success of your business. Some key features will include size, space configuration and budget. Other considerations may be highway access, image, special industry features, distance to hospitals, courthouses, and a host of other requirements specific to your firm.

Site Visits

As we locate prospective properties which suit your predefined parameters, we will set mutually convenient times to view the space with the Landlord or their representative. Rainier will provide counsel during and after these inspections to narrow down the viable options.

Identification and Comparison of Location Alternatives

Based on your input, Rainier will identify and compare various market and location alternatives. We would then make a thorough evaluation of the positives and negatives of all potential facilities.

Financial Evaluation

A financial analysis is an integral component required to determine the effective rate for useable and rentable square footage and to incorporate all concessions, operating expenses, parking expenses, tenant improvements, etc. This analysis provides you with a concise summary of expenditures over the life of the initial lease and subsequent renewals.

Lease Negotiations

Rainier handles the lease negotiation in order to provide you with the most advantageous quantitative and qualitative lease terms. Rainier's knowledge of the market is very thorough, updated continuously and empowers us to provide you with the optimal lease rates, terms and conditions.

Document Review

Leases are written for the Landlord's benefit. Even after reaching agreement on the lease terms and conditions, it is essential to review the lease carefully to avoid hidden costs of limitations to your business operation. Rainier will work closely with the Tenant and their legal counsel throughout the formulation of the final documents.

Construction Supervision

Any interior alterations will be designed by an architect and constructed by a licensed contractor. We can make recommendations for your selection of these firms. If the Landlord limits your selection, we will interface with their representatives throughout the construction period until a certificate of occupancy is obtained. We can also assist in the selection of moving companies, informational technology firms, and any other experts required for the successful relocation of your company.

Please let us know what can we assist you with your project. We will get back to you as soon as we can, thanks.


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